3d scanning: Methods, Applications and Advantages

If we want to capture the shape of any object, we use a 3D scanner. The technique of using a 3d scanner to capture the shape of an object is called 3D scanning. We get a 3-dimensional file of the object after the 3d-scanning. This 3D file can be saved, edited and even print using […]


Alignment reports with 3d visualised model for further project planning CLIENT REQUIREMENTS A construction company has opted to survey their constructions on the completion of the different phases. They contacted Edge 3D after laying a couple of floors to prepare a report on the quality of construction. The required information was to verify whether the […]


Reducing PMC efforts and ensuring highest quality to clients and builders CLIENT REQUIREMENTS A leading PMC faced a problem with the construction schedule, volume of concrete used and area the concrete was laid for one of their builders. They opted to survey the site with a high precision technology rather than the conventional measuring methods […]


Renovation and project planning using Lidar technology CLIENT REQUIREMENTS One of our leading refin¬ery clients planned for strategic shut down and expansion of their de¬layed coker unit of 3,00,000 b/day capacity at one of their facilities. For the expansion the client decided to prepare an as-built documentation of the unit with 2d drawings and a […]

FMCG Case Study

Generating Industrial as-built documentation using high end lidar technology CLIENT REQUIREMENTS One of our leading FMCG clients was in need of updated documentation for their process units and packing units. These units are spread across 30,000 sq.mts There was a recurring shutdown of the equipment in the units due to poor maintenance of the plant. […]

Welcome to Edge 3D

Hi, Welcome to Edge 3D, we are extremely proud to be one of the leaders in the field of 3D scanning. Please have a look around our site and feel free to reach out to us for any enquiries. The technology you use impresses no one. The experience you create with it is everything. – […]