FMCG Case Study

Generating Industrial as-built documentation using high end lidar technology


One of our leading FMCG clients was in need of updated documentation for their process units and packing units. These units are spread across 30,000 sq.mts There was a recurring shutdown of the equipment in the units due to poor maintenance of the plant. This forced our client to stop production for a few days to acquire proper documentation without affecting its pro¬duction schedules ad¬versely.


The layout of the equipment and pipe routing were extremely crowded and this made the entire process unit confined and allowed for limited ac¬cessibility. The temperatures on site ranged from 42c to 52c.


  • Highly precise and highly advanced 3d Laser scanning.
  • Route mapping technology.
  • Simultaneous data process¬ing technology.


Due to the time constraint, the client needed to prepare a consolidated document containing the as-built drawings. Edge 3d has made the documentation process conducive and provided the client with time efficiency. They did this by using the route mapping technology & simultaneous data processing technology.

Within a week EDGE 3D developed an intelligent model of the site and within the next few days we came up with the HVAC drawings & Piping drawings which eased our client’s effort’s in scheduling the maintenance and replacement of the units.


Our client now has documentation of the process unit which will help them in retrofitting, replacing & maintenance of the assets. Our client saved large amounts of money on maintenance


The solution and support given by EDGE 3D Technologies has proved to be advantageous to our client by saving time and money without affecting the production of the plant.

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