Alignment reports with 3d visualised model for further project planning


A construction company has opted to survey their constructions on the completion of the different phases. They contacted Edge 3D after laying a couple of floors to prepare a report on the quality of construction. The required information was to verify whether the construction alignment matched the architectural design drawings.


The towers were semi-constructed (only Columns & Floors) without partition walls. All the scaffolding was laid intermittently. Floor laid was semi-finished without any plastering which made it difficult to survey.


  • Highly precise and highly advanced 3d Laser scanning
  • GPS co-ordinate system.
  • On-site Data registration technology.
  • Extraction of 2D Drawings.


  • The Column Type ‘A’ were cast @l0 mm compared to the location specified in the design drawings, due to which the alignment of the center line from Column type ‘A’ to Column type ‘B’ showed over 10mm.
  • Due to the improper supports the Plinth beam has bulged out more than 64mm.
  • Due to the misplacement of columns, supporting washroom floor cuts were differed by 22mm to the casting.
  • The inclinations of the sunshades were built with an error by the ratio of 1:1000mm.


It helped in alignment of the bulged plinth beams with plastering without affecting the alignment of partition walls.


The survey report and the findings of the site has helped the client to start a new quality control division for monitoring their further constructions.

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