Reducing PMC efforts and ensuring highest quality to clients and builders


A leading PMC faced a problem with the construction schedule, volume of concrete used and area the concrete was laid for one of their builders. They opted to survey the site with a high precision technology rather than the conventional measuring methods or generating methods to extract the area statements & volu¬metric calculations.


The site was 75% built. The plastering and finishing was yet to be completed. The site was filled with lot of unwanted and supportive temporary objects, which pre-vented access to the deep corners of the columns and walls.


  • 3D Laser Scanning
  • On-site Data registration technology.
  • Extraction of 2D Drawings from the Point Cloud Data.


  • The column layout and the plinths layout were as per the design drawings.
  • There is small bulge in the walls at the electrical cutout and HVAC cutout
  • Floor 1 tower 1 concrete laid is equal to the area in design drawings
  • Floor 2 tower 1 concrete laid is 0.82% more than the design drawings
  • Floor 1 tower 2 concrete laid is 1.45% less than the design drawings.
  • Floor 2 tower 2 concrete laid is 0.62% more than the design drawings.


Our clients were extremely happy with the amount of time and money that was saved because of employing the 3D Laser Scanning technology vs Traditional Surveys


It helped the client in the following ways- reduction of project cost overruns, material waste, extra material procurement and man-hours spent at site in the construction schedule.

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